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What is a restaurant chair?

Restaurant chair is a type of chair commonly used in restaurants and bars. Most restaurant chairs are standard, four-legged, straight-back designs used to provide short-term seating for customers. The term does not refer to a specific type of chair, but rather a general reference to several different types of chairs used for this purpose.

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The main application of restaurant chair is described by its name. The sole function of the chair is to provide short-term seating for diners to the restaurant.

The origin and history of restaurant chairs?

Restaurant chairs are an integral part of restaurants. Restaurant chairs were invented and originated in Paris, France in the mid-18th century. Over time, restaurant seating options have evolved and changed. In the early days, inns and taverns often had four-legged stools or simple benches and tables in restaurants.

Ghế nhà hàng - Restaurant chair

Restaurants didn’t use chairs for their restaurant spaces until they became more common in homes – a process that began in the Renaissance, where benches increasingly began to give way. for individual chairs to sit on. The increase in availability then led to the creation of different types of restaurant chairs that are commonly used in most of the dining restaurants we see today.

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Types of restaurant chairs

Technically, there is no such thing as a “restaurant chair”. Meaning, no one has ever invented a specific type of chair designed specifically for restaurants. Instead, there are several different types of chairs used in the restaurant business. Includes chairs such as:

Ghế nhà hàng - Restaurant chair

Chairs for banquets and events at restaurants

  • This chair features a lightweight, durable, stackable design. Today many types of chairs also have a fabric cover function to make the chair more beautiful and luxurious.

Extra seats

  • These are chairs with a basic structure, including 4 legs and a straight back. This chair is characterized by low cost

Chair of the head

  • Believe it or not, looking at a chair we can see how powerful and social that person is. Most restaurant chairs are the same, but in some restaurants for the powerful, restaurant chairs will also be classified according to location or room at the restaurant.

Parsons Chair

  • This is a variation of the side seat, in which the seat and back are upholstered and padded.

Modern chair

  • Typically, these chairs have metal legs, combined with bent plastic or wood for the seat and back.

Ghế nhà hàng - Restaurant chair

All different types of restaurant chairs can be made from a variety of materials (wood, metal, plastic, etc.)

Regardless of the type of restaurant chair used, the goal is clearly the same. To provide reasonable, comfortable seating for short periods of time for guests to consume food or beverages. All of these models achieve that goal.​

What materials make up restaurant chairs?

Whether you want to use 1 type of restaurant chair or many types of restaurant chairs, the ultimate goal is to make the restaurant space become luxurious and beautiful, customers will feel the most comfortable when using the chair. menu. While excellent food and service are important contributors to a restaurant’s atmosphere, quality and comfortable seating also make a noticeable difference. The material of the chair determines a lot. There are four general options:

Ghế nhà hàng - Restaurant chair

Today, restaurant chairs are made up of a variety of materials to give the chair a more contemporary look and feel. Most of the current restaurant chairs are a combination of materials such as: Plastic, iron, aluminum, wood…

What role do restaurant chairs play in restaurant interiors?

The most important business is trading, the furniture is the highlight that makes the difference for each business point. The restaurant now always has a thoughtful investment from the decoration style to the quality of drinking water. In addition to the landscape or the decoration, the furniture is also the thing that needs investment.

To be able to comfortably sit and enjoy food and drinks with friends, customers always choose comfortable, modern spaces or have a context of space and light to make themselves feel relaxed. comfortable.

Ghế nhà hàng - Restaurant chair

The beautiful restaurant chair models not only help the owner to unleash the creativity of the space in his own way, but the interior furniture also plays a very important role in creating value, aesthetics and level of attracting customers to the restaurant. Other interior items in the restaurant such as cup holders, glass jars, ornamental plants, dispensing tables or restaurant tables and chairs are very important affecting the quality of each service.

Comfortable, clean chairs are a plus point for every restaurant, especially a high-class restaurant. Moreover, choosing the type of table and chairs is not simple, in accordance with the style of the restaurant and comfort are the top two factors.

Some types of restaurant chairs by Harmoor Furniture

Ghế nhà hàng - Restaurant chair




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