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Coffee chairs are no longer strange. It is a means for people to go to coffee shops, milk tea shops, tea shops, etc. to sit and relax, talk with friends or work. The cafe chairs are usually designed by the owner in sync with the entire general style, giving users the most comfort.

Coffee chairs are one of the most important furniture in cafes, indoors and out. Products are not only used to sit but also have the effect of decoration, creating a separate style for the restaurant space. So how to choose the right cafe chair to attract customers? Let’s find out more details through the following article.

Ghế Cafe - Coffee Chairs
Ghế Cafe – Coffee Chairs

1.  What is a coffee chair?

Coffee chairs are chairs used in coffee shops. It is not only for sitting and drinking coffee, but also for decoration. Create a unique style for the coffee shop and create attraction for customers.

Ghế Cafe - Coffee Chairs - Kursi Kopi

Not only that, it also creates a comfortable feeling for customers. Thus, customers choose your coffee shop as a regular destination to meet friends, exchange, talk, work, .. help increase revenue significantly.

2. What role does the coffee chairs play in the interior of the coffee shop?

The most important business is trading, the furniture is the highlight that makes the difference for each business point. The current coffee shop always has a thoughtful investment from the decoration style to the quality of drinking water. In addition to the landscape or the decoration, the furniture is also the thing that needs investment.

To be able to comfortably sit and enjoy coffee with friends, customers always choose comfortable, modern spaces or have a space and light context to make themselves feel relaxed and comfortable.

Ghế Cafe - Coffee Chairs - Kursi Kopi

The beautiful coffee chairs models not only help the owner to unleash the space creation in his own way, but the interior furniture also plays a very important role in creating value, aesthetics and level. attractiveness of customers to the coffee shop. Other furniture in a coffee shop such as cupholders, glass jars, decorative plants, coffee tables or coffee tables are very important to affect the quality of each service.

Comfortable, clean chairs are a plus point for every coffee shop, especially the garden coffee shop. Moreover, choosing the type of table and chairs is not simple, in accordance with the style of the restaurant and comfort are the top two factors.

3. Why does the interior of a coffee shop play such an important role in the success of a coffee shop?

How many times have you gone for a coffee, snack or full meal and didn’t fully enjoy the experience because the cafe interior was uncomfortable or cramped.? Serving first-class coffee, gourmet gourmet food and drinks, and providing attentive table service is an important part of a successful catering business. However, if your client is not comfortable and relaxed, the impact can be lost.

Sitting on coffee shop chairs that are too low for the table, stiff or unstable is a loss of customer comfort. It affects the overall impression on your customers.

When planning a new cafe or restaurant, or renovating an existing one. Think carefully about the furniture and layout of the public areas, as well as the kitchen, menus and other issues associated with this complex business.

Ghế Cafe - Coffee Chairs - Kursi Kopi

What is your available floor space and what would be the most efficient and comfortable layout? Will there be an outdoor area, an indoor area or both?. Where and how will you store your outdoor furniture when the property is closed and locked up for the night?

Do you want a warm, traditional look or a trendy modern theme?

The look of your restaurant is definitely achieved by using the right furniture and chairs.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of cafe chair furniture available with a great range of designs ready to provide a great experience for the occupants. The process of choosing the right color, design, and application can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. Whether it’s a traditional or modern outdoor setting, or somewhere you’re looking for your restaurant, use a cafe furniture supplier who will help and guide you through the process. This process is a reasonable choice.

Use their experience and knowledge to your benefit and guarantee that they will assist you with good after-sale service should you experience any defect or difficulty with your furniture.

Harmoor specializes in providing high quality coffee shop furniture, quick and free quotes, competitive prices and door to door delivery. Contact our friendly sales team on +84898799991 or click here to view our selection of cafe furniture to complete your overall dining experience.

4. What types of coffee chairs are currently on the market?

Coffee chairs are one of the most important pieces of coffee shop furniture that you will need to buy and since your customers will be sitting on these chairs while drinking coffee or eating, it is important that they are durable and comfortable.

Once you’ve got your coffee shop planned out, you’re ready to start choosing your coffee shop furniture but before splurging on the first chairs you see, let’s take a look at some styles. different available.

a. Coffee chairs with wooden frame

These chairs are most commonly used in minimalist modern venues because with their clean, slim lines, they exude a contemporary feel. Our chair AME31, Chair GAI41 is a prime example and is made from oak. Available in a variety of colors including brown, mahogany, black and vibrant pink, it will complement any décor.

Harmoor is a leading supplier and manufacturer of furniture such as coffee chair, coffee table, bar chair, ... leading in the world (29)

b. Wooden coffee chairs

They have a more traditional feel as they are built entirely from wood and are more commonly seen in restaurants rather than coffee or small eateries. They come in a variety of woods and finishes with some of them also upholstered.

c. Metal coffee chairs

Usually, you will find these chairs sitting outside on sidewalks or terraces because they are weather resistant and rust resistant. Often they stack for convenient storage, and some can be folded. This chair is not only used for coffee shops, but also for outdoor dining outlets.

d. Plastic coffee chairs

Manufactured from durable plastic, these chairs come in a variety of colors and designs and are often used outdoors because they are lightweight and portable, stackable, weather resistant and easy to clean. Their vibrant colors are great for adding a splash of bold color to grab the attention of passersby, and most of these seats are also fade resistant. Some of our best-selling plastic chairs include the chair CIR11

Harmoor is a leading supplier and manufacturer of furniture such as coffee chair, coffee table, bar chair, ... leading in the world (23)

Take a look at our coffee chairs products to see the types of cafe chairs that will suit your needs.

5. What are some types of cafe chairs at Harmoor furniture?

Chair Model AME11 Chair Model CHA21 Chair Model GAI21 Chair Model GAI61 Chair Model GAI82
Chair Model AME21 Chair Model CIR11 Chair Model GAI32 Chair Model GAI71 Chair Model LAR11
Chair Model AME31 Chair Model GAI11 Chair Model GAI41 Chair Model GAI72 Chair Model LAR21
Chair Model CHA11 Chair Model GAI13 Chair Model GAI42 Chair Model GAI81


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