Gaia 21

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The Gaia 21 Chair brings a fresh and modern atmosphere to dining areas and restaurants. This is the desire and demand of both businesses and families to enhance their living environment and foster connections among people. That’s why the Gaia 21 Chair at Harmoor is receiving significant attention and interest from users. The premium Gaia 21 Chair is designed with elegance and youthfulness, offering a variety of colors for customers to choose from. Customized color options are also available upon request. The wide seat of the chair is slightly tilted backward and curved to provide a snug embrace for the sitter’s back, preventing fatigue and back pain during long periods of sitting.

Gaia 21 chair is a high quality chair product with beautiful design and Italian style

Frame: Gaia 21 chair is made from chrome-plated steel, providing strength and durability to the chair. Chrome-plated steel also creates a protective layer against rust, helping the chair maintain its beauty for a long time.

Design style: Gaia 21 chair has a sophisticated and modern Italian design style. With soft lines and delicate details, the chair brings a luxurious and unique beauty to the space used.

The Gaia 21 chair not only has an attractive appearance but also provides comfort to the user. The chair has a soft seat and backrest, helping you sit for a long time without feeling tired. The chrome-plated steel frame also ensures the chair’s stability and durability.


brown, green, grey, white


coffee shop, dining room, garden, restaurant


plastic, steel


Chiều cao: 80cm; Chiều rộng: 46cm; Độ sâu: 46cm; Chiều cao ghế: 45cm; Trọng lượng: 4,5kg

2 reviews for Gaia 21

  1. Avatar of Kevin

    Kevin (verified owner)

    The plastic seat is soft and comfortable, making long periods of sitting more pleasant.

  2. Avatar of Ryan

    Ryan (verified owner)

    Plastic chairs at affordable prices.

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