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Leading manufacturer and supplier of table and chair furniture in Vietnam and in the world.

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Why should customers choose us?

Quality is always guaranteed

We are a supplier of furniture products to many customers around the world. So our guideline that is Product Quality is Brand.

The latest designs

We have a team of designers with many years of experience in the furniture industry. Every year we release the latest models to serve our customers.

Transparency policies

We always comply with the privacy policy, return policy… in accordance with the company’s regulations. Customers can be assured of our products as well as our dedicated staff.

What customers say about us

As a supplier of all kinds of prestigious tables and chairs with the most reasonable price. We are currently using Harmoor Vietnam products for business and are highly appreciated by customers….

Mr. Hai / Vietnam

Harmoor products are chosen by many companies. Currently we are using Harmoor’s products to do business on e-commerce sites…..

Ms. Diwata / Philippines

The furniture of tables and chairs at Harmoor always has a very beautiful model and is suitable for all decoration styles. We are using Harmoor tables and chairs for interior projects….

Mr. Bagaskoro / Indonesia

We are using Harmoor products to deliver retail products on Amazon for the North American market. Our customers are quite satisfied with the Model and the quality….

Ms. Jennifer / USA

I highly recommend Harmoor products. Our customers will often ask for a lot of product quality. But Harmoor has satisfied the most demanding customers….

Mr. Akimitsu / Janpan

As a long-term customer of Harmoor, we see this as a strategic and long-term partner. Harmoor’s products are always at the forefront of the market in the country of billions of people….

Ms. Hrishita / India