Gaia 82

The Gaia 82 Chair is a versatile and stylish product designed to enhance your seating experience. With a combination of fabric and PP (polypropylene), the seat of the Gaia 82 chair offers a comfortable and supportive surface. The backrest of the chair is also made of PP, providing additional support and ensuring proper posture during prolonged sitting. The use of PP for both the seat and backrest makes the Gaia 82 chair durable and easy to clean. The frame of the chair is constructed from lightweight and sturdy aluminum, adding strength and stability to the overall design. The aluminum frame not only ensures durability but also makes the Gaia 82 chair easy to move and transport. The Gaia 82 Chair is a perfect choice for various settings, whether it’s a modern office. Its combination of fabric, PP, and aluminum creates a contemporary and sleek look that will complement any space.