Garden furniture, furniture trends in 2023

In the summer, the terrace, garden or balcony becomes a second living room and a real hit for fresh air enthusiasts. Garden and terrace furniture decorates the garden and provides a relaxing place to eat or sunbathe together. Garden furniture allows each garden to be individually designed, providing comfort and visual impact. On balconies, terraces and lawns, they are unique and inspired by their diversity, durability and charm. In the following, we will guide you through different skills in the procurement, maintenance and storage of garden furniture and terrace furniture. In terms of design and material, choosing the perfect garden furniture also needs to consider many factors.

Where can I buy garden furniture?

You can buy it at garden furniture stores, patio and balcony furniture stores, home decor stores, and similar stores. Here, there are often delicate garden furniture sets, customers can sit down, lie down and touch to try. It is also possible to order garden furniture on the Internet and have it delivered to your door. Professional dealers on the Internet have a wide range of products and can often offer favorable conditions.

Harmoor Vietnam Co., Ltd specializes in providing garden furniture products of all kinds in the factory.. With the most reasonable warranty and cost policy.

What to pay attention to when buying garden furniture?

Garden furniture is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also has to withstand the sun, wind, rain, hail and significant temperature fluctuations. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to quality and strictly follow the maintenance instructions for garden furniture. This also includes occasionally applying a fresh coat of paint to the parts and preventing overexposure to air. You can combine it with other accessories, such as parasols or cushions, whose colors and designs can match the garden furniture and create a more complete visual impression.

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How do you determine the quality of outdoor furniture?

Traditional weatherproof garden furniture is usually made of plastic or aluminum. Plastic outdoor furniture is a classic garden furniture, aristocratic appearance leaves a deep impression. Durable, resistant to high temperatures and easy to clean and maintain. Weather resistance is the best because it is absolutely corrosion resistant. Water and sunlight don’t stand a chance. UV resistance is enhanced by UV anti-aging agent.

For example, this contemporary designer’s desk is the perfect combination of function and comfort.

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It is simple, versatile, made of high quality polypropylene with iron legs, based on the beauty of form and the elegance of simple lines, anti-slip and anti-scratch. Ideal for kitchens, patios and bar areas. Most importantly, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Pure lines, original, modern… This is a contemporary and innovative piece that will fill your space with style, charm and personality. This stackable plastic chair shows originality. In fact, its size, composition and very sturdy construction make it one of the most popular garden furniture in the decorating industry. Stacked to save space

These garden tables and chairs are made of high quality molded plastic. A very strong and durable material, injection molded is the perfect companion for all of our outdoor seating.

In addition, it also offers a variety of stunning colors, allowing you to mix in any kind of environment, and bring the freshness and vitality required by the space. The shape of the back provides extra comfort and an ergonomic design that perfectly conforms to the human body.

This designer chair is stackable and easy to store, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, bringing clarity, originality and originality to your home or unit!

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These outdoor plastic chairs are lightweight and flexible, and you can use it on all types of floors. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it is ideal for patios, lounges, restaurants, kitchens and bar areas.

The best place to enjoy a barbecue or coffee together is at the garden table. Especially should use this type because plastic tables and chairs are not only beautiful but also coordinate in height and technique. This type of garden furniture has a harmonious color and design that ensures a harmonious appearance, keeping you satisfied in the long run.

Possibility of garden, terrace and balcony

In the summer, one of many people’s favorite activities is the widespread sunlight. Those who like to sit together in a happy atmosphere can match a delicate garden furniture set, which can be plastic or iron. For barbecue, cakes or breakfast in the best sunshine, it is a suitable place for parties. You can relax and be more quiet on the iron and plastic garden chairs. This can become the center of a peaceful island where you can chat, read and recuperate from the hectic daily life. These peaceful islands can be decorated with a variety of plant ideas, parasols or similar decorative elements depending on preference.

Harmoor garden dining table set, including table and chair, you can choose to match different material table, such as wooden table.

Bộ bàn ăn sân vườn Harmoor

The best place to enjoy a barbecue or coffee together is at the garden table. This type of set is especially recommended because the wooden table and chairs with iron legs are not only beautiful but also must be high in height and workmanship. This type of garden furniture usually includes a garden table and enough chairs for the best guests to sit. The color scheme and design ensure a harmonious look that will keep you satisfied in the long run.

Relaxing furniture in the garden

To relax in the garden together, we recommend buying some relaxing furniture. On plastic chairs and armchairs, you can comfortably enjoy nature. The ideal solution is a coordinated living area that is spatially and visually separate from the rest of the garden. The porch and table in the middle of the resting area also help create a comfortable atmosphere.

How to properly clean garden furniture?

Garden furniture is easy to maintain as it is exposed to many different elements and must be able to withstand frequent cleaning. In most cases, a soft cloth and water and an all-purpose cleaner are sufficient to remove all stains that may occur during normal use. This way you can make the terrace furniture weatherproof.

Tips for storing garden furniture

If garden furniture has not been used for several months, it should be stored in a place free from wind and rain. It can be under the house, garden, shack or canopy. If this is not possible, provide all garden furniture with a suitable protective tarp that can be pulled up and secured to it. If several pieces of furniture overlap for space reasons, a blanket should be placed between them to prevent scratches.

Proper decoration

Many decorative elements can also add color to a garden seating combination. For example, complex lighting concepts can not only provide lighting, especially in the evening and at night, but also provide a first-class atmosphere. For rest areas that include garden sofas and garden armchairs, the right cushions or blankets can provide more comfort. Not only helps personalize furniture but also helps protect the dining table.



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