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I. General introduction of Coffee Chair

1. Why is the coffee chair an important factor when opening a coffee?

Coffee chair are an important factor when opening a coffee because it affects the customer experience. Not only a place for customers to sit and rest, coffee chairs also create a comfortable, cozy space and attract customers to come back. Coffee chairs must also be trendy, suitable for the style of the shop and ensure comfort for customers when using. If the coffee does not have nice and comfortable coffee chairs, customers may not want to return or will not stay long at the coffee. Therefore, choosing the right and quality coffee chairs is considered as one of the important factors to help the coffee attract and retain customers.

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2. The characteristics and requirements of the coffee chair

  • Aesthetic: Coffee chairs need to have a beautiful aesthetic design, in harmony with the style and color of the coffee to attract customers to enjoy.
  • Durable: Coffee chairs must be made from high-quality materials such as wood, metal, plastic, leather, fabric… to withstand the impact of frequent use in the coffee environment.

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II. Learn about coffee chair suppliers

1.  The address to provide genuine and professional coffee chair

There are many addresses that provide genuine and professional coffee chairs, but most of these addresses are just sales agents.

So where is the genuine coffee chair supplier address? Harmoor Vietnam Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of coffee chairs in Vietnam

  • Factory address: Lot F1 and F2, Nam Dong Phu Industrial Park, Tan Lap Commune, Dong Phu District, Binh Phuoc Province, Vietnam
  • Office address: Plot 112, Map Sheet No. 110, Thanh Quy Quarter, Thuan An, Binh Duong, Vietnam
  • Website: & &

2.  Product, design and material criteria to evaluate a quality coffee chair supplier?

To meet customers’ requirements for coffee chairs, coffee chair suppliers need to design products with high durability, harmony in design and reasonable prices. The material of the chair is also very important, it is necessary to use high-quality materials to ensure aesthetics, breathability, safety for the health of the user and easy cleaning. Specifically, the types of materials that can be used for coffee chairs include:

  • Wood: this is a common material for chairs, can use natural wood such as oak, teak, walnut, cherry or use industrial wood such as MDF, HDF.
  • Metal: use stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron to create the chair frames.
  • Plastic: PVC, PP, PE or synthetic resins can be used.
  • Rattan, bamboo: this is a natural material, especially suitable for chairs intended for outdoor environments.

In addition, suppliers need to ensure that products must be manufactured according to standards, pass quality tests before being put on the market to ensure safety for users.


3.  Warranty and after-sales policy from the coffee chair supplier

Information about warranty and after-sales policy from coffee chair suppliers will vary depending on the company or brand. However, most of these suppliers have a standard warranty against manufacturing defects.

To ensure reasonable benefits and costs during the warranty period, customers should carefully read the conditions of the warranty policy before making a purchase. If there are any problems, customers should contact the supplier directly for advice and support.

III. Benefits of using the service of a coffee chair supplier

1.  Save cost and time

Using the service of a coffee chair supplier will save money and time for the following reasons:

  • Competitive prices: Large-scale coffee chair suppliers will purchase their materials, equipment and product designs at lower prices. As a result, they can offer products at a more competitive price than by sourcing and manufacturing themselves.
  • Save time: When using the service of a coffee chair supplier, you do not have to worry about the design, production and delivery, all taken care of by the supplier. You can focus on other tasks, reduce stress and increase work productivity.
  • High product quality: The coffee chair supplier has experience and expert knowledge of their products. They provide products that meet high quality standards, ensuring safety and durability.
    Good after-sales service: Most of the suppliers now provide good after-sales service such as manual, warranty, repair. This gives you more peace of mind about the product and saves you time and money looking for other after-sales service.

2.  Guaranteed product quality

There are many reasons to use the service of a coffee chair supplier to ensure product quality. Include

  • Professional: The coffee chair supplier specializes in providing the most trending products in the market. They have a good understanding of the latest industry requirements and trends.
  • Product quality: Coffee chair suppliers often use international standard technologies and materials to create products with excellent quality.
  • Product diversity: Suppliers of coffee chairs often provide customers with different products, from many different brands, suitable for all needs and styles.
  • Support service: Coffee chair suppliers understand that customers will have a lot of questions related to the product. Therefore, they provide good support service to assist customers with product related issues.
  • Quality assurance: Coffee chair suppliers often have teams that test and monitor the product, ensuring that the product meets all technical and quality requirements.

For the above reasons, when using the service of a coffee chair supplier, you can be completely assured of the product quality.

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3.  Design consultation for your coffee

Suppliers of coffee chairs often not only provide products but also advise on reasonable furniture for the shop because of the following reasons:

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  • Any place that sells coffee chairs also needs to understand the needs and preferences of customers to give advice that is right for their shop.
  • The interior consultant of the coffee chair supplier helps you create a uniform, friendly and attractive space, while helping to save costs in shopping and decoration.
  • Interior experts with many years of experience in coffee design can give advice and suggestions on layout, color selection and perspective for the shop.
  • Good partners like coffee chair suppliers often have a lot of experience and knowledge in design and furniture, helping you to optimize the space of the shop and create a more efficient business environment.

IV. Experience choosing to buy the right coffee chair

1.  Analyze the needs and requirements of the coffee shop

To buy a coffee chair that suits the needs and requirements of the coffee, you should follow these steps:

  • Determine the needs and requirements of the coffee: You need to determine the purpose of using the chair, the average number of guests in the day, the interior style of the coffee so that you can choose the type of chair that suits your needs and needs. that request.
  • Find out about the market and coffee chair products: You can do research on the internet, visit furniture stores or find manufacturers to see the products on the market today.
  • Choose the right type of chair: Based on the needs and requirements identified in step 1, you can choose the type of chair such as single chair, sofa, dining table chair, bar chair… with different materials such as wood, metal type, plastic…
  • Check product quality: You need to check the quality of the product before deciding to buy it, including its durability, hardness, safety, sitting comfort, and beauty.
  • Cost calculation and price negotiation: You need to calculate the total cost and negotiate the price to make the final decision.
  • Installation and maintenance: After you have purchased the chair, you need to install and maintain it for long-term use and safety for customers.
  • In short, to buy a coffee chair that suits the needs and requirements of the coffee, you need to determine the needs and requirements, learn the market, choose the type of chair, check the product quality, calculate the cost. and negotiate prices, installation and maintenance.

2.  Guide to choosing the material and design of the coffee chair

When choosing the material and design of the coffee chair, you should consider the following factors:

  • Style and space: Before choosing a chair, you need to determine the design style of the coffee and the space. If the shop has a classic style, you should choose wooden chairs with sophisticated textures.
  • Meanwhile, if the restaurant has a modern style, you should choose simple chairs with bright colors.
  • Material: Material is very important when choosing a coffee chair, because it affects the health of customers. Therefore, you should choose quality materials such as wood, stainless steel, aluminum or plastic.
  • Style and size: The design and size of the chair must be suitable for the space of the restaurant, ensuring that customers will feel comfortable and comfortable when sitting. For example, if the coffee has low lighting, you should choose chairs with soft cushions to make customers feel more comfortable.
  • Durability: The coffee chair is used continuously, so it must be made of quality materials and have good bearing capacity. You should choose chairs that are durable and easy to maintain to save time and money.
  • Price: With any coffee, cost is always an important issue. You should choose chairs that fit your budget, ensuring that you meet the needs of customers without affecting the price of the coffees products.

3.  Criteria for evaluating the quality of coffee chairs

  • Design: Coffee chairs need to have a beautiful, luxurious design, suitable for the space of the shop.
  • Material: Coffee chair meets the criteria of quality, durability and safety for users. Commonly used materials such as wood, steel, plastic, mesh, etc.
  • Comfort: Coffee chairs need to ensure comfortable sitting, without causing back fatigue and neck pain when used for a long time.
  • Easy to clean: Coffee chairs need to use materials that are easy to clean and hard to attract dust to make cleaning, maintenance and storage easy.
  • Stability: The coffee chair needs to ensure stability, not to be shaken, to ensure the safety of the user.
  • Price: Coffee chairs need to have a reasonable price, suitable for the needs of the shop and customers.

V. Conclusion

1.  Experience in choosing to buy coffee chairs

  • Thoroughly research the market and product quality: Before choosing a supplier of coffee chairs, it is necessary to conduct thorough market research and learn about the products that the suppliers are providing.
  • Guaranteed quality products will help your coffee be appreciated for quality.
  • Looking for professional suppliers: Prestigious and professional suppliers always ensure quality products and good services for customers. Because they have the experience and knowledge to give the optimal solution to the customer.
  • Long-term cooperation: Choose a reliable and perfect coffee chair supplier for long-term cooperation in the future. So, looking for suppliers that can meet your requirements in the long run will help to reduce the problem of searching and selecting a large number of suppliers.
  • Reasonable price: However, price is also one of the important factors to consider when choosing a coffee chair supplier. This means that customers need to choose products that are priced in line with the desired value.
  • After-sales Service: Finally, a good coffee chair supplier needs after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid problems when using. Therefore, it is advisable to look for suppliers that offer good after-sales service, and can help you solve problems.

Harmoor -Sản phẩm - Coffee Chair Supplier

2. Summary of benefits and methods to be applied to choose the most prestigious coffee chair supplier.

The benefit of choosing a reputable coffee chair supplier is to ensure product quality, high durability, beautiful aesthetics, reasonable prices and good after-sales service. Methods to be applied to choose a reputable coffee chair supplier include:

  • Research previous customer reviews.
  • Check the supplier’s certification and reputation.
  • Find out the production capacity and quality of the product.
  • Consult with industry experts.
  • Compare prices and after-sales service of different suppliers.

VI. Types of coffee chairs at Harmoor furniture?

1.  Summary table of coffee chair

Chair Model LAR21 Chair Model LAR11 Chair Model GAI82 Chair Model GAI81
Chair Model GAI72 Chair Model GAI71 Chair Model GAI61 Chair Model GAI42
Chair Model GAI41 Chair Model GAI32 Chair Model GAI21 Chair Model GAI13
Chair Model GAI11 Chair Model CIR11 Chair Model AME31 Chair Model AME21
Chair Model AME11

2. Leading supplier of coffee chairs in Vietnam

Harmoor Vietnam (Harmoor Furniture) is a company specializing in providing high quality coffee furniture products in the Vietnamese and international markets. The company always puts product quality first, Harmoor Vietnam’s products are all manufactured from high-quality materials and are beautifully and luxuriously designed.

In particular, Harmoor Vietnam also provides chairs according to function such as: bar chair, office chair, outdoor chair, restaurant chair, dining room chair, living room chair…

If you are looking for quality coffee chairs, come to Harmoor Furniture to find the best product.

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