Harmoor is a leading manufacturer plastic chairs in Vietnam

About Harmoor Furniture

Harmoor is a company specializing in manufacturer plastic chairs in Vietnam. Harmoor Co., Ltd has a history of establishment and development since 1998. We opened a house. own machine in Mainland China since 1999 and become one of steel, wood, fabric and furniture factory

 Harmoor leading manufacturer of high-grade plastic chairs in Vietnam

Harmoor products are made from high-quality plastic materials, which are strictly tested before being put on the market. Harmoor products are durable, can withstand large loads, and are easy to clean and maintain. In addition, Harmoor products also have beautiful designs, suitable for all living spaces.

Harmoor has supplied products to more than 100 countries around the world. Harmoor products are highly appreciated by customers for their quality, design and price. Harmoor is proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of high-end plastic chairs in Vietnam, contributing to enhancing the value of Vietnamese brands in the international market.

Harmoor products

Harmoor offers a wide range of high-quality plastic chair products, including:

  • Indoor plastic chair (dining room chair, living room chair, restaurant chair , reading room chair…)
  • Outdoor plastic chair (balcony chair, garden chair, cafe chair outdoor…)
  • Plastic office chair
  • Plastic chairs in public areas, meeting rooms…

Harmoor products are available in a variety of designs and colors to suit all customer needs.

lary chair 11

Harmoor’s Production Process

Harmoor has a closed, modern plastic chair production process, ensuring the highest product quality. Harmoor’s products are manufactured from high-quality plastic materials and are rigorously tested before being put on the market. Harmoor products are manufactured on modern technological lines, ensuring high precision and sophistication.

Harmoor’s staff

Harmoor has a team of experienced and highly specialized staff who are always dedicated to serving customers. Harmoor has a young, dynamic design team that is always up to date with the latest design trends. Harmoor has a team of skilled technicians who always check the product quality strictly before putting it on the market.


Harmoor’s Commitment

Harmoor is committed to providing customers with high quality plastic chair products, beautiful designs and reasonable prices. Harmoor is also committed to providing customers with the best customer service.

If you are looking for high quality plastic chair products, contact Harmoor today!

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