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Restaurant chair supplier overview

What is a restaurant chair supplier?

Restaurant chair supplier is a company, store or individual that provides chairs and tables for restaurants, bars, bars and other culinary businesses. These suppliers can supply plastic chair, wooden chair, cushion chair, swivel chair, dining chairs, bar chairs, picnic chairs and many other chairs for customers to have can choose according to their needs. In addition, these suppliers often provide related services such as designing, manufacturing, installing and shipping chairs to customers.


The structure and size of the industry, the current demand for restaurant chairs?

The structure and scale, the demand for providing restaurant chairs today has a variety of products and manufacturers. Products are generally divided into categories such as dining chairs, bar stools, outdoor tables and chairs, sofas and single chairs. Manufacturers can be large companies specializing in manufacturing furniture or small workshops specializing in manufacturing restaurant chairs custom.

The current demand for restaurant chairs depends on the economic and tourism development of each country and region. In large cities and fast-growing tourist areas, the demand for restaurant chairs is increasing day by day for restaurants, bars, hotels and resorts. Businesses need diverse products with high quality and reasonable prices to ensure customer satisfaction.

Demand for restaurant chairs in Vietnam market today?

Currently, the demand for restaurant chairs in Vietnam market is very high. Businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts and entertainment and leisure venues are growing rapidly, and large businesses are upgrading and replacing old chairs with new ones to create more luxurious and professional for your space. The types of chairs that are popular today are sofas, high-grade wooden chairs, electrostatic chairs, lounge chairs, hotel chairs, meeting room chairs, bar chairs… However, the chair market is also facing with challenges such as stiff competition, saving costs and improving product quality to match market needs.

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The importance of the restaurant chair supply industry in the restaurant business?

The restaurant chair supply industry is important in the restaurant business for the following reasons:

    • Meeting customers’ cost reduction requirements: Restaurants often require a sufficient number of seats to serve customers in the best way. Restaurant chair suppliers can supply all types of chairs from single, double to bench, thereby reducing the investment cost of the customer.
    • Creating a cozy, professional space for customers: Restaurant chair products meet the perception of beauty, comfort and convenience, meeting the needs of customers who ask for a chair, request a product that is suitable for their purpose.

<3 needs of each customer. Based on the needs of each customer, the restaurant chair supplier can create unique products that help the restaurant stand out and advance in the market.

  • Enhance customer experience: Restaurant chairs focus on quality and design to deliver a great customer experience. The dissimilarity between the types of restaurant chairs makes the customer experience more diverse and special.
  • Optimizing space, increasing operational efficiency: Restaurant chair supply industry can advise on restaurant space design and provide suitable products to optimize space and increase the operational efficiency of the restaurant. Using chairs properly will help create a harmonious, cute and comfortable space for customers.


In summary, the restaurant chair supply industry is of great importance in the restaurant business. They not only meet the needs of customers but also help create a cozy and professional space, thereby enhancing the customer experience and enhancing the restaurant’s brand.

The market for the supply of restaurant chairs

Overview of the restaurant chair supply industry?

The restaurant chair supply industry is growing strongly around the world with many businesses offering diverse and high quality products. Restaurant chair products are designed to meet the needs of customers from all over the world and meet different customer requirements, including design, material and aesthetics.

Restaurant chair products are manufactured from many different materials, from wood and metal to plastic, rubber and leather. The current popular restaurant chair products include chairs, stools and bar stools. These products are designed to meet the needs of use in restaurants, bars, hotels, entertainment venues and conference events.

In the restaurant chair supply industry market, especially in developed countries, restaurant chair suppliers have been developed with high professionalism, academic character and most of them are manufactured according to technology. advanced technology. However, emerging markets such as China, India, Vietnam and Thailand are also growing strongly and have great potential in the restaurant chair supply industry.

With the growth of the travel and food industry worldwide, the restaurant chair supply industry market will continue to grow and expand in the future. Restaurant chair products that are manufactured with good materials and have an aesthetically pleasing design will have the opportunity to compete in this market, while supporting businesses in related fields such as hospitality services, restaurants and tourism.

Advantages of the current restaurant chair supply market

1. Various styles and sizes – The market provides restaurant chairs with a variety of designs, styles, and sizes to suit the needs of each restaurant.
2. Guaranteed quality – Many restaurant chair suppliers provide good quality products, using high quality materials, ensuring durability and safety for user.
3. Reasonable price – The market provides restaurant chairs with flexible prices and suitable for each customer’s needs and levels.
4. Professional consulting – Many restaurant chair suppliers provide professional consulting services to help customers choose the product that best suits their requirements, saving time. time and cost.
5. Good after-sales service – Many restaurant chair suppliers have good warranty and after-sales service policies to meet the needs of customers, giving them peace of mind to use. products for a long time.

The importance of choosing a restaurant chair supplier?

Choosing a restaurant chair supplier is an important decision in the design and decoration of restaurant interiors. This is a decisive factor to not only creating an impressive and friendly space, but also directly affecting the comfort of customers. Here are the importance of choosing a restaurant chair supplier:

1. Product quality assurance – Restaurant chairs must meet standards for durability, aesthetics and safety. Selecting a reputable and reliable supplier will help ensure that the product offered meets these requirements.
2. Show off the style of the restaurant – Restaurants can have distinct styles to attract customers. Choosing the right chairs for this style saves time and money in interior design.
3. Ensure customer comfort – An uncomfortable chair is a major obstacle in attracting and retaining customers. The selection of chairs with the right design for the needs of the customer helps create comfort when sitting and eating.
4. Optimize space – Choosing the right sized chairs for the restaurant space helps create a comfortable and comfortable dining space.</td >

Overall, the choice of restaurant chair supplier has an important influence on the customer experience and the business performance of the restaurant.

Business strategy of restaurant chair supplier

Strategy for product development of restaurant chairs

To develop a product that provides restaurant chairs effectively, the following strategies can be applied:

1. Market Research – Learn about customer needs, new trends and competitive products in the market.
2. Unique design – Create products with impressive and unique designs to attract customers’ attention.
3. Using quality materials – Selection of quality materials to produce high quality and beautiful products.
4. Product diversification – Develop chairs in a variety of sizes, styles, colors and materials to suit a variety of customer needs.
5. Interacting with customers – Participate in exchange activities, enthusiastically consult customers to create trust and love for products.
6. Renew regularly – Update new products in line with market trends and customer needs.
7. Good warranty support – Create warranty and after-sales service modes so that customers can use the product with peace of mind.

Price strategy and restaurant chair discount policy to attract customers?

  1. Calculating reasonable prices: The first important thing in a pricing strategy is to make sure the restaurant’s prices are reasonable, in line with the quality of its products and services. restaurant.
  2. Know your customers: Who are your customers? Where do they come from and what are they looking for? Make sure your pricing strategy aligns with your customer needs.
  3. Create a sale: You can create discounts or incentive packages to attract customers. For example, lunchtime discount, loyalty discount, large customer group discount, …
  4. Emotional pricing: Instead of just using cost and profit methods, an emotional pricing method can be used. That approach will create a different feeling for the customer.
  5. Combined with events or festivals: Use events or festivals to introduce new dishes or also offer discounts to customers on the occasion. li>
  6. Advertisement of discount policy: To attract customers, restaurants need to advertise their discount policy through various media such as newspapers, social networks. , …
  7. Improving service quality: Improving the quality of services and facilities will help attract customers and keep them coming back.

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Strategy to promote the brand of restaurant chair supplier?

There are several restaurant chair supplier branding strategies that can be applied:

    • Create high-quality website content: Provide detailed information about your product lines, photos, and previous customer reviews. State your product’s fundamental advantages in terms of quality, style, design, price, and customer service.

<3 Better products and more professional service.

  • Online Advertisingn: Use of social networks and other online channels such as advertising on Google AdWords or advertising on specialized websites restaurants to increase the likelihood of customers finding your product.
  • Social networking event: Organize social networking events like Try Chairs or Try Feelings for customers can learn about your products and interact with each other.
  • Place ads in newspapers: Place ads in magazines and newspapers to help expose your product to a number of potential customers.
  • Enhance customer contributions: Encourage customers to post reviews and comments on your products, then post them on your social media and website New customers learn your products more conveniently.
  • Organize events and contests: Consult and create prizes to increase the chances of your customers interested in your products.


Sales strategy and market development of restaurant chairs?

  • To develop the restaurant chair market and increase sales, the strategies can be implemented as follows:
  • Find distributors or agents to distribute your products to expand your market and reach more potential customers.
  • Build and strengthen the brand of the product towards a sustainable business.
  • Creating strong customer relationships by providing better products and services.
  • Use advertising and marketing channels to increase awareness of your products and brand.
  • Update products periodically to meet customer needs and keep them attractive and fresh.
  • Tap new or different markets to increase sales and generate additional income.
  • Apply promotions, discounts, gifts to attract customers and increase sales.

Advantages of a quality restaurant chair supplier

Product quality

Product quality is one of the important advantages of a quality restaurant chair supplier. In addition, the following advantages can be mentioned:

  • Diversity of products: Suppliers can provide a variety of chairs with various models, designs, materials, and colors for customers to choose in accordance with the restaurant’s space.
  • Satisfying customer needs: Suppliers can manufacture and supply products according to customers’ individual requirements in small or large quantities.
  • Professional consulting: The supplier has a team of professional and dedicated consultants, helping customers choose the right product for their needs and usage.
  • Good after-sales service: The supplier provides warranty, maintenance and repair services for the product during and after the warranty period, helping customers to use the product with peace of mind and save costs.< /li>
  • Reasonable price: Suppliers provide products with reasonable prices, suitable for many customers and ensure product quality.

Variety of models and designs

Diversity in models and designs is one of the advantages of a quality restaurant chair supplier. This gives customers more choices to customize according to the design style of the restaurant and ensures that the restaurant space becomes more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the variety of models and designs also allows customers to change the chair to suit the changing needs of the restaurant easily and flexibly.

After-sales service and customer care

A quality restaurant chair supplier will have good after-sales service and customer care to ensure customer satisfaction and continued long-term cooperation. This service includes product returns, repairs when necessary, and customer support in the installation and use of the product. In addition, suppliers should provide customers with product information and care instructions so that the product can be used more effectively and sustainably.

Reasonable and competitive price

Yes, reasonable and competitive price is one of the biggest advantages of a restaurant chair supplier. However, the advantages of a quality restaurant chair supplier do not stop at reasonable and competitive prices. Other advantages also include:

  • Product quality
  • Variety of models
  • After-sales Service
  • Delivery Time
  • Technological value

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Experience in choosing restaurant chair suppliers

  • Get professional advice
  • Learn and evaluate products of suppliers
  • Evaluate the supplier’s after-sales service and customer care
  • Check the provider’s certificate and profile

The leading supplier of restaurant chairs in Vietnam

Harmoor is a high-end furniture brand based in Vietnam, bringing customers quality products, youthful and modern design. Harmoor products are made from high quality materials such as plastic, iron, steel, wood, etc. With the sophistication in design and outstanding quality, harmoor has become one of the furniture brands. leading in Vietnam and in the world. Featured products of harmoor include: coffee chair, chair bar, restaurant chair, garden chair, hotel chair, office chair , dining room chair, coffee table, bar table, restaurant table, dining table…

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