Why use plastic chairs?

Plastic chairs have never been “disgraceful” in the hearts of users despite the appearance of many modern chairs on the market. Choosing the right type of plastic chair for your space is not entirely difficult if you know how. In this article, we will learn why should we use plastic chairs?

1. Why use plastic chairs?

On the market today, there are many types of chairs to serve all needs and use spaces such as stainless steel chairs, iron chairs, aluminum chairs, wooden chairs … If using tables and chairs for home interior space, the table Plastic chairs have not fully promoted all their advantages compared to other types of chairs. But when choosing restaurant chairs or tables for a larger space such as a cafe, garden, restaurant, or event organization, then plastic tables and chairs really prove the outstanding advantages. his superiority.

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Plastic chairs are cheap

For households that can use a small amount, the investment costs are not significant, but if they are the owner of a cafe, restaurant, or event organization, they will take into account the initial investment factor. head. Plastic chairs are considered to be the best cheap chairs on the furniture market today.

Chair model Lary

When investing in large quantities, serving a large and regular customer base, or can invest in rental (for units that provide furniture rental for events), the quality and cheap factors are important. put on top. For business owners with little capital, plastic chairs are really a good and interesting suggestion.

Plastic chair with high durability

Try making a comparison between a plastic chair and a wooden chair. If used for outdoor cafes, garden cafes… one thing is for sure that wooden tables and chairs will be affected by the natural environment, long-term use will cause warping and decay. …And plastic chairs are ready to challenge all bad effects from the weather.

Compact plastic chair, easy to move

Plastic is lightweight, so plastic products are easy to move, easy to fold. So when you need to move far or put up high, plastic chairs are a very preferred choice.

Tables and chairs made of wood or stainless steel often have a larger weight, sophisticated shape, and are more difficult to carry.

Various models and colors

The color of wooden chairs often depends on the characteristics and color of each type of wood. The color metal chairs are not diverse due to the nature of not easy to stick, easy to rust, peeling paint. It is the limitation of other types of chairs that makes beautiful plastic tables and chairs appear stronger when it comes to color..

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Chairs made of plastic material have many models, diverse colors, many designs, … easy to choose from on the market today, there are many types of plastic chairs combined with other materials to create an impression in your home. user’s heart from the first moment of eye contact such as: plastic chair with imitation rattan, plastic chair with stainless steel frame, plastic chair with imitation rattan wood …

2. Choosing the right plastic chair for every space?

Currently on the market there are many models of plastic chairs with different prices. Harmoor will give you some suggestions to help you easily find the right plastic furniture for your space.

Choose according to the shape of the plastic chair

Each space can use many different types of plastic chairs depending on the purposes and preferences of each user, but still must ensure harmony with the overall space and interior architecture, furniture in the space. time at that time.

Choosing a dwarf plastic chair: This type of chair is commonly used in shops, restaurants, sidewalk snack bars with compact design, light weight, and convenience to help dwarf plastic chairs fit in places. need to serve a large number of users but the space is small, the ceiling is low, and often needs to be moved and moved.

Why use plastic chairs?

Backrest plastic chair: the backrest will help users fix the correct posture when sitting, recline to rest and relax, limit back fatigue, neck fatigue, sitting in the wrong posture, adversely affecting the spine and user health. This type of chair should be used for large spaces or a small number of users.

Plastic chair without backrest: compact, does not take up much space. Widely used in parties, restaurants with high tables, places where large gatherings are required such as committees, stadiums, schools,…

Choose by material

Depending on the purpose and needs of use as well as living space, you can choose the plastic chair model according to the material. This is very important because it affects shipping, usage costs,…

100% plastic chair: cheapest price, suitable for sidewalk eateries, popular restaurants, garden cafes…used a lot. However, in terms of form or aesthetics, it is not appreciated. If you do not pay much attention to that but only care about product durability and economic and convenience factors, then plastic chairs are clearly a right choice.

Wood plastic chair: modern wooden leg chair, elegant design, simple but youthful appears as a highlight to create a strong impression. Suitable for use as dining room chairs, living rooms, cafes, appearing in luxurious restaurant spaces. Wood plastic chairs are suitable for fixed space, should not be transported a lot, absolutely do not stack and limit transportation from one place to another in large quantities, which will affect the quality of the product.

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Plastic chair with stainless steel legs: the combination with stainless steel legs makes the plastic chair luxurious and “sturdy”, challenging any impact from the outside. Suitable for small dining room, family, restaurant interior space, cafe tables and chairs or places where events and shops are often held. It is necessary to consider and ask carefully the type of stainless steel of that chair, 304 stainless steel will have higher durability and cost than 201 stainless steel and 430 stainless steel.

Plastic chair manufacturer and supplier

Harmoor Vietnam Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic chairs in Vietnam. We specialize in providing high quality plastic chair products, which are exported to many countries around the world such as: USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, UAE…

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