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General introduction to furniture

Introduction to the concept of furniture

Furniture chair is a furniture product whose main function is to sit, often used in living spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining or offices. Furniture chairs have many different types in terms of design, size, color and material such as wood, leather, fabric, etc. Choosing the right furniture for the space and design style of the house will help increase the character. aesthetics for your living space.

Harmoor Furniture

The reason why furniture is a necessary product in modern living space?

Furniture chair is a necessary product in modern living space because it is not only an item for sitting but also has many other functions in decorating and creating space for your room. Here are some reasons why furniture chairs are a necessity in modern living spaces:

  • Interior chair is the main item for sitting, so it helps you feel comfortable and relax after a long day of work.
  • Chair furniture comes in a variety of designs and colors, you can choose one that matches the style of the room and personal taste.
  • Interior chairs can be used to decorate and create a more beautiful and harmonious living space. You can arrange the furniture however you want to create a creative living space.
  • Chairs can also be used as storage and save space in your room.
  • Chair furniture is becoming an important part of the design of our modern living spaces. Therefore, not only is it a necessary product in modern living spaces, but furniture also helps personalize and enhance the aesthetic value of the room.

With the above reasons, it can be seen that furniture is a necessary product in our modern living space. You can choose the furniture that suits your preferences and create a more beautiful and comfortable living space.

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What are the popular types of Harmoor furniture today?

Harmoor is a famous chair brand with many diverse and unique star chair models. Here is an introduction to Harmoor’s star chairs:

Chair Gai11Chair Ame11Chair 3031AChair 3038Chair Cir11Chair Lary11Chair 3029
Chair Gai13Chair Ame21Chair 3031BChair 3039Chair Lary21Chair 3029A
Chair Gai21Chair Ame31Chair 3032A
Chair Gai32Chair 3032B
Chair Gai41Chair 3034
Chair Gai42
Chair Gai61
Chair Gai71
Chair Gai72
Chair Gai81
Chair Gai82

Important factors when choosing furniture

Color and style

Create atmosphere and psychological impact: Color and style can create a cozy, dynamic, modern, traditional or luxurious space. Light-colored chairs and simple shapes often make a bedroom or living room feel soft and comfortable, while dark-colored chairs and striking designs can create a dynamic atmosphere. or power.

Match with the furniture: The color and style of the furniture needs to match the layout and color of the room. If not in harmony, the mix can make the room look messy and inconsistent.

Ensure comfort: When choosing an interior chair, comfort is also important. If the chair is not made well or is not suitable for the user, it can make the person sitting tired and uncomfortable.

So, when choosing an interior chair, you need to consider both its color and style to ensure that it matches the room and is comfortable for the occupants.

Materials that make up the chair

The material factor is the most important factor affecting the choice of furniture, as it affects the comfort, aesthetics, durability and price of the product. Types of materials commonly used for interior chairs include plastic, leather, fabric and wood.

If you want convenience and ease of cleaning, choose a chair made of an easy-to-clean and sun-resistant material like plastic. Chairs used in outdoor spaces should choose waterproof plastic or painted wood for durability and weather resistance.

Depending on personal preferences and usage needs, one can choose chairs made from one or a combination of the above materials to ensure comfort and aesthetics.

Furniture Chair

Size and shape of chair

Size and shape affect the comfort and harmony of the interior space when choosing a chair. When choosing a chair, consider its size relative to the surrounding space and the arrangement of other furniture pieces to avoid creating a cramped or sparse appearance. The shape of the chair also needs to match the overall style and color of the interior space. In addition, if using the chair for long sitting, it is necessary to choose a chair with an incline and soft cushion to ensure the comfort of the user.

Product price

Product price will be affected by many factors such as material, style, design, brand… when choosing furniture. For products with high-quality materials and designs, the price will be higher. However, this is the customer’s decision based on their budget and usage needs. Usually, when you buy more expensive furniture products, you will get better quality and durability than the lower priced products.

Survey on furniture market in Vietnam today

The current situation of furniture market in Vietnam?

Currently, the furniture market in Vietnam is developing strongly and there is a wide variety of products and services. The demand for interior chairs has increased due to factors such as cultural changes, modern lifestyles, and evolving customer needs.

Furniture products are born with many different designs, models, materials and prices. From traditional products such as sofas, leather seats to modern designs, imitation rattan plastic chairs, patterned iron chairs… With different prices, the market is also divided into many categories, From young customers to old customers.

Brands, furniture manufacturers, and chair shops are now thriving and diversifying products, providing customers with a wide range of options. In addition, the market also has strong competition from imported products from other countries.

With the development of the market and increasing demand, customers have many choices, however, they also face problems in terms of product quality, service, price, etc. and much competition from other furniture brands.

How concerned are consumers about the quality and price of furniture?

Quality: Consumers care about the quality of the interior chair, ensuring that it will be used for a long time without damage, affecting the health and safety of the user.

Style: Consumers are also interested in the style of the chair, it must match the interior style in the space used.

Brand: Consumers also care about the brand of the product, ensuring that it is manufactured by a well-known, reputable brand that guarantees quality.

Price: One of the other important factors that consumers consider when buying furniture is the price. Customers will be looking for the best quality product at a reasonable price and within their budget.

In summary, when buying furniture, consumers will pay attention to the quality, style, brand and price of the product to ensure satisfaction and save costs.

The leading furniture supplier in Vietnam

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of furniture manufacturing, Harmoor is one of the famous and prestigious brands in Vietnam. The company has its head office in Binh Duong, Vietnam and manufacturing plants in Binh Phuoc, Vietnam with a total area of over 40,000 m2 and more than 300 employees.

Harmoor owns a dynamic, professional and skilled team of engineers, technical staff and sales staff, always meeting customers’ requirements for product quality and service. Harmoor uses modern production technology, high-quality raw materials and complies with international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 to ensure that manufactured products meet quality and safety standards. health and environmental protection.

Harmoor provides many high-class furniture products such as living room chairs, dining chairs, bar chairs, office chairs, … with many designs, colors and materials to suit all spaces and customer preferences. Harmoor’s products have been widely sold and distributed at agents, supermarkets, shopping centers and construction projects in the country and the world.

Harmoor Furniture
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