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Your furniture chair speaks for your lifestyle – Elegant accents for modern living spaces

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General introduction to furniture Introduction to the concept of furniture Furniture chair is a furniture product whose main function is to sit, often used in living spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining or offices. Furniture chairs have many different types in terms of design, size, color and material such as wood, leather, fabric, etc….

What is an office chair? Overview of office chairs.

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What is an office chair? An office chair is a chair designed for use at a desk in an office. It is usually a swivel chair, with wheels for mobility and height adjustment. Modern office chairs typically use a single, special bearing leg (often referred to as a gas lift leg), which is placed underneath…

Bar stool

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Bar stools are high stools, often with footrests to support the legs. The height and narrowness of the bar chairs make them suitable for use at the bar and high tables in the pub or bar. 1. What is the history of bar stools? Prior to the ban in the United States, bar stools were…

Coffee shop chair

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What is a coffee shop chair? Coffee shop chairs are, as the name suggests, ideally a seating option used in a coffee shop or restaurant. Simple in design, these chairs often don’t have armrests for easy stacking. How to choose beautiful coffee shop chair models? Decor is about setting the vibe and atmosphere for the…