Lido 3029A

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Lido 3029A plastic chair is a high-end chair line made from high-quality plastic material. Its sleek and elegant design adds sophistication to any space, whether it is a restaurant, balcony, outdoor area or dining room. With durability and waterproof features, this chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its versatility and lightweight construction make it a convenient choice for various seating needs. Enhance your seating experience with the Lido 3029A Plastic Chair

Lido 3029A plastic chair product is a high quality plastic chair with modern and convenient design. The chair is made from sturdy plastic, has good bearing capacity and is easy to clean.

Lido 3029A plastic chair has a simple but no less sophisticated design, with soft curves and youthful colors. The chair has a gentle design and spacious seating space, helping to create a feeling of comfort and convenience for the user.

Lido 3029A plastic chair is suitable for use in many different spaces, including restaurants, cafes, bars and many other places.


Height: 66cm; Depth: 56cm; Width: 41cm; Chair height: 44cm

2 reviews for Lido 3029A

  1. Avatar of Bryan

    Bryan (verified owner)

    The build quality of this plastic product is extremely stable, helping it withstand daily use.

  2. Avatar of Matthew

    Matthew (verified owner)

    Plastic chairs are flexible, can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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