Bar stool

Bar stools are high stools, often with footrests to support the legs. The height and narrowness of the bar chairs make them suitable for use at the bar and high tables in the pub or bar.

1. What is the history of bar stools?

Prior to the ban in the United States, bar stools were not used in drinking restaurants but in culinary restaurants. Bars without bar chairs are the norm, and that is considered “an American feature”.

Bar stool

In a commercial setting, floor-mounted and swivel bar stools are common. The floor installation makes the stool immobile, so it cannot be stolen or used as a weapon in a bar conflict. Floor-standing bar chairs are usually pole-mounted, but bar chairs with legs can also be fixed to the floor with metal brackets.

The classic 1950s and 1960s style popular in some bars and restaurants uses chrome and vinyl bar stools paired with matching benches or dinner chairs. Stackable bar chairs are often favored for their quality, space-saving qualities.

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2. What is the structure of the bar stool?

The bar stool is simply structured, consisting of two main parts, the footrest and the bar chair, each type will have the following specific characteristics:

  • Bar stool legs: Bar chair legs are composed of many different materials such as wood, metal or stainless steel. The footrest of the chair is the fulcrum, ensuring the safety of the occupants.
  • Bar stools: Various bar materials, in addition to simili upholstery, on the market, there are metal or wooden bar chais, bringing comfort to the occupants.

The normal chair height for bar stools is 30″ (76 cm) with a 26″ (66 cm) stool used against the kitchen counter. 36″ (91 cm) high stools are increasingly used in contemporary style with tall pub tables for visual effect in modern interiors. is 24″ (61cm). For comparison, the seat height of a typical dining chair is 18″ (46 cm.) Some bar chairs use polyurethane foam as a cushion for comfort.

3. Commonly used bar stools

Bar stool with backrest
  • This chair model is designed with many different designs and models to be chosen by many people. Color tones are also extremely rich, from warm tones to cool tones. The chair is designed with a back support to help people sit comfortably, the sitting posture is also improved because of that. This is considered the most popular and beautiful model of bar stools today.
Bar stool without backrest
  • Bar stools, also known as chairs without backrests, are one of the most popular models. They often have a simple design made from materials such as: Iron bar chairs, wooden bar chairs, plastic bar chairs
Stainless steel bar chair
  • Stainless steel leg bar stools will create a sense of firmness and stability. Legs made from this material will help the chair more durable, not scratched or rusted. For stainless steel bar chairs, the upper part of the chair will usually be made of plastic or wood. Stainless steel bar chairs offer a variety of designs as well as being very versatile. People can use stainless steel bar chairs for many different purposes, not necessarily just for decoration.
Bar stool with wheels
  • High bar stools with wheels below will help people move more easily. This is also a stylized part compared to traditional chair models. Bar chairs with wheels have many types, depending on the needs of use to be able to choose the most suitable chair model for you.
Bar stool with wooden legs
  • Wooden bar chairs with outstanding advantages are used by many people. The wooden legs are an important highlight of the chair model to help it look more novel. They are also very easy to combine with different interior spaces. If you know how to coordinate wooden bar chairs properly, it will help you create the desired space effect.
Bar stool with iron legs
  • We already have bar chairs with wooden legs and stainless steel legs, so it is impossible to ignore the bar chairs with iron legs. This is one of the most durable materials to use as bar chairs. The legs of the chair are covered with a layer of powder coating to help avoid impacts on the chair. Besides, modern bar chairs with iron legs are also one of the easy-to-use items for interior decoration. For those who love modernity and simplicity, the wooden bar chair model is “true love”.
Swivel bar stools
  • The swivel bar chair is also one of the chairs worth considering. This model of swivel bar stool is more and more popular in the market because of its level of convenience. When in use, you can also adjust the height of the chair easily.

Frequently asked questions about bar stools?

What is the meaning of bar stools?

A bar chair is a high chair with no back or arm support, for sitting while drinking or eating at a bar.

What are bar stools made of?

The bar chair is made of poly carbonate fiber, and the slightly curved seat gives it an attractive look. The stool has fixed metal legs with ideal footrest and comes in a variety of transparent or solid colors that you can choose from depending on your interior.

What are the chairs at a bar called?

Bar stools are high chairs, often with footrests to support the legs. The height and narrowness of the bar chairs make them suitable for use at the bar and high tables in the pub or bar.

What is the standard bar chair height?

Bar-height stools are the tallest on this list, typically measuring 28” – 33” at the seat. Usually, you will find this type of seating in restaurants and bars.

Why are bar stools high?

Bar height tables are so named because they are most commonly found in bars and restaurants. They are used to encourage casual conversation because the corresponding bar-height stools (30” to 36”) keep occupants very close to eye level of those standing.

What is the history of bar chairs?

The first product, similar to what we now call a bar stool, dates back to ancient Egypt. Here sculptures of the dead are welcomed as a sign of healing, and bar chairs are also used by artisans as modest seating during work.

When did bar chairs become popular?

Throughout the 1950s and 60s in both Europe and especially in the US, stools became a common sight in pubs, bars and eateries, as well as in barber and barber shops hair.

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